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Acadly courses can be set up with or without Blackboard integration. Similarly, they can be set up with or without Zoom integration too.

  • Blackboard integration: This is recommended if your course is set up on Bb. Creating a course this way ensures that your Acadly course enrollment stays up-to-date automatically.
  • Zoom integration: Using Zoom integration helps instructors add more engagement options for online attendees and automate attendance for them. Please refer to the demo video below.
Setting up an Acadly course Full demos for advanced users
Automatic attendance basics (recommended) Polls, quizzes, word clouds on Acadly – and other resources 

Engagement and attendance
for online/hybrid classes

Instructors can track attendance for remote students in an online/hybrid class by using multiple in-video prompts, which pop up to ask the student, “Are you here?“. Students who respond with “Yes” are marked present. The attendance records will show how many prompts each student has responded to.


Acadly also includes a virtual classroom platform powered by integration with your existing Zoom account.

In a hybrid class, instructors can use both the in-person attendance feature as well as the prompt-based online attendance feature for remote attendees.

The attendance records include information on students' location context (remote or in-person) as well. Learn more about hybrid attendance.

Acadly with Zoom integration helps professors deliver an equivalent experience for in-person and remote students: every student, irrespective of location, uses the same platform to participate, discuss and learn. Remote students can see the lecture video on the Acadly screen and participate in the same activities and discussions as their in-person counterparts.


Acadly's Zoom integration facilitates instructors to use the same platform to share activities (like polls and quizzes), assignments, and learning resources for every attendee - whether they are joining in person or online.

In a hybrid class, instructors can give everyone an immersive experience – let students chat, discuss and ask queries using the same platform - ensuring a truly equivalent experience, irrespective of location.

Learn more about hybrid teaching with Acadly.

Is your course not set up on Blackboard? Reach out to us.

Supported by UIC's LTS team and Acadly

The Acadly app has a feedback option that instructors can use to address issues, provide suggestions or troubleshoot.

In-class and other help resources

UIC and Acadly are teaming up to invest in your success. Here are all the ways to get help:
  1. In-class: Get help from UIC's LTS team. Email the team for more information.
  2. In-app: Use the in-app feedback option to reach out to the Acadly team. Mean response time: 6 hours.
  3. Email: Email with any questions. Mean response time: 6 hours.
  4. Help Center: Available here. Please note the chat is not manned for instant support, but the team responds to all messages received, just like emails.
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