Attendance, polls, and word clouds on Acadly

Getting started with Acadly

Acadly’s LMS plugin for Blackboard.

Set up your course from Bb

Creating a Bb-linked Acadly course takes just a few minutes and helps you throughout the term:
  • Keeps your Acadly roster updated at all times
  • Reflects any changes in the course team
  • Helps you copy data to the Blackboard gradebook for graded attendance
  • Shows early alerts for at-risk students

▶️ Creating a Bb-linked Acadly course 
📄 Creating a course w/o Bb integration

Course creation on Acadly – student enrolment by code or by invitation

Create a mock course for trials (optional)

Before your first lecture, you can test the product using a mock course as well.

Mock courses can be set up directly within Acadly. The best way to try Acadly is to add yourself or someone you know as a "student" to the course.

▶️ Creating a mock course for trials

Automatic attendance and polls on Acadly

Install the app

Students and instructors need the Acadly app installed on their devices to use the in-person automatic attendance feature.

Other Acadly features like course scheduling, manual attendance, and activities work on both the mobile app as well as the web app.

Download the Acadly iOS app
Download the Acadly Android app

Ongoing automatic attendance tracking on Acadly

Let the attendance magic begin!

To capture attendance during the lecture, all you need to do is tap a button. Here's all the information you need:
Acadly has a scheduled auto attendance feature too
Instructors can now schedule attendance to run automatically for the whole term. Read how to schedule auto-attendance for your course.

Creating activities on Acadly – option to create polls, quizzes, discussions or add resources

Create activities on Acadly

Instructors can create polls, different types of quizzes, assignments, and discussions on Acadly. Here's all the information you need:
Acadly now has an anonymity option for discussions.
Instructors can now allow anonymity in discussions held on Acadly. Read more on anonymity options and how to use them.

Exported CSV report of class data from Acadly

Export results to Bb or to Excel!

If you want to keep a backup of the data or grade activities/attendance, the records can be exported to the Blackboard gradebook or to CSV files (Excel-compatible) after the lecture ends. You can export the data for each lecture individually or export a consolidated file with the data for all lectures in one file.

▶️ Exporting data from Acadly to Blackboard 
📄 Exporting data from Acadly to Excel

Is your course not set up on Blackboard? Reach out to us.