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Acadly's usage at UIC in 2022

In 2022, Acadly was used by 16604 students in 497 courses by 275 instructors in UIC.

Enrich your lectures with Acadly

Create activities and classes on any device

Acadly can be used on multiple devices.
Acadly allows instructors to create activities, add classes and view learner analytics on the mobile app as well as the web app.
Most features on clickers are browser-only.
Clickers let instructors create activities and view learner analytics on the browser only. 

Make in-class activities accessible even after the class ends

Acadly allows access to class activities even after the lecture ends.
Acadly allows students to access the class activities after the lecture ends, by keeping them organized in the course timeline. 
On clickers, students cannot view/participate in activities after lecture ends
Clickers do not allow students to view the class activities once the lecture has ended.

Create pre-class activities

Teachers can create pre-class activities on Acadly
Acadly allows instructors to create pre-class activities to test preparedness, which students can answer on the Acadly app.
Clickers can be used for in-class activities only
Clickers let instructors create activities which can be used during in-class teaching only.

Use privacy-first automatic attendance

Acadly tracks privacy-first automatic attendance using the Bluetooth signals of students’ phones
Acadly uses mesh-network-based technology to track automatic attendance, using Bluetooth signals from the student's phone.
Clickers often track geolocation of the student to mark attendance
Clickers require students to manually check into a class, and access the student's geolocation depending upon the preferences set by the instructor. 

Open backchanneling in class using Discussions

Acadly has a chat/discussion feature
Acadly comes with a constant chat icon which allows instructors to open moderated discussions, and invite questions and opinions – with anonymity options.
Clickers do not have a discussion feature
Clickers do not have a chat forum within the platform, which means instructors resort to other methods of kickstarting discussions in class. 

Set automatic time limits for quizzes

On Acadly, teachers can set time limits for quizzes
Acadly allows instructors to set automatic time limits for quizzes, which can be specified at the time of creating the quiz.
Clickers need teachers to manually track time and stop displaying the question
Clickers do not have a timer option; instructors have to manually stop the clock and end the quiz. 

Teach online and hybrid students with ease

Acadly comes with Zoom integration, so students can watch the lecture video within the platform
Acadly offers Zoom integration within the platform, to make online/hybrid teaching seamless for instructors – including automatic online attendance tracking.
Clickers do not have the option of showing the video on the same platform, so teachers need multiple windows open to show the Zoom video
Clickers do not have the option to display the Zoom video within the platform, which means instructors have to keep multiple windows open while teaching online/hybrid classes.