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Recent announcements for Acadly at UIC

New features, webinars, and more

New features in Acadly (launched in Fall 2022)

Acadly has introduced several new features for enhanced engagement, an improved UX for instructors, and seamless automatic attendance. Some of the new features are: 
  • Scheduled automatic attendance
  • Anonymity in discussions 
  • Sorting/ordering type quiz questions
  • Hidden award points in discussions

Please note that the recent pricing transitions in Acadly will not affect UIC users. All UIC users will be able to continue using Acadly for free.

Upcoming Webinars

Join us for our upcoming webinars on how to use Acadly for student engagement and attendance automation! These webinars are organized by UIC's CATE team and presented by the Acadly team. We highly recommend these webinars to anyone who's new to Acadly and would like to see the product in action.

Previous Webinars

January 19, 2022 Webinar for UIC instructors
January 18, 2022 Webinar for UIC instructors
January 14, 2022 Webinar for UIC instructors
January 6, 2022 Webinar for UIC instructors

Acadly demo videos

Click the thumbnails below to play the demo videos.

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