Attendance, polls, and word clouds on Acadly

In-class engagement and automatic 

Free for all UIC users

In 2022, Acadly was used by 16604 students in 497 courses by 275 instructors in UIC.

Acadly's usage in UIC in 2023

Dr. Martina Bode, UIC
Dr. Martina Bode, Director of Calculus, Dept. of Math, Stat, & Comp Sci
I've used Acadly for all my courses since Fall 2020 and would recommend it to everyone for both pedagogical and administrative reasons. It's been a real time-saver and engagement booster for my colleagues and me.
Dr. Selva Nadarajah, UIC
Dr. Selva Nadarajah, UIC Business
Having used Acadly for both in-person as well as remote attendance automation and engagement, I am confident that it will be an asset for other instructors - no matter the department or discipline.
Prof. Alycia McNamara, UIC
Prof. Alycia McNamara, Dept. of Math, Stat, & Comp Sci
I've used Acadly's attendance in more than 200 lectures and it just works! As we return to in-person instruction, it'll be a regular feature of my courses once again. Happy to share my experience with others too!

Students are 3x more likely to choose Acadly

Based on a student survey collected in a Fall 2022 course, where both Acadly and clickers were used
"I like that you can see how many people choose each answer on Acadly and that you do not feel rushed to complete the polls. You can also look back at the questions to study for future exams which is very helpful." 
"I love that we have a discussion chat in Acadly. I also feel like that app is much better in having the courses organized by date. Acadly also notifies you whenever the class is ongoing."
"I prefer Acadly's user interface and have disliked other format for a few semesters. In my opinion, it is easier and clearer to locate past class activities in Acadly." 
"I like that in Acadly, you can see previous questions asked in class and access them even if you weren't in class, how you can be confident that your answer actually did submit and see how everyone else responded."

Watch Acadly in action at UIC


Automated Attendance

Privacy-first automated attendance tracking for in-person classes

Privacy-first automatic attendance screen for in-person classes on Acadly

Attendance in seconds 
Replaces roll calls, clickers, GPS

Acadly helps instructors discover students in their proximity at the tap of a button. Its privacy-first technology does not track users' geolocation. It works as a mobile app on the smartphones you and your students already have and can also be used for clicker and peer-instruction activities.
  • It's easy for instructors and students
  • It's instant and saves instruction time
  • It's reliable and allows manual attendance editing
  • It's fully integrated with Blackboard courses


Polls, quizzes and word clouds

Discover interactivity with incredible depth and width, using class activities on Acadly.

Class activities on Acadly – ongoing poll and quiz

Enable every voice to come through
Replaces clickers, polling apps

Acadly helps instructors give their students a platform to engage, ideate, and express their opinions. It offers several types of class activities, discussion/Q&A forums, and resource-sharing options.
  • Create True/False, Multiple Choice, or Sorting type quizzes 
  • Share class polls (with anonymity options)
  • Initiate topical discussions (with anonymity options)
  • Generate dynamic word clouds
  • Share resources (PDFs, videos, links to books/files)


Zoom integration and online attendance

Deliver active learning in your virtual classrooms.

Acadly with Zoom integration helps professors deliver an equivalent experience for in-person and remote students: every student, irrespective of location, uses the same platform to participate, discuss and learn. Remote students can see the lecture video on the Acadly screen and participate in the same activities and discussions as their in-person counterparts.

Improve transparency of activity in online teaching
Replaces video conferencing platforms

Acadly allows instructors to teach via Zoom within Acadly itself, thereby eliminating the need for multiple screens. While teaching on Zoom, instructors can conduct class activities on Acadly itself. 
  • Use enhanced breakout rooms
  • Share class activities and conduct discussions on Acadly
  • Get auto-uploaded lecture recordings on Acadly
  • Track real-time attendance with in-video "Are you here?" prompts

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